Hello world!

Daffodils in Tokyo ~ Sonya terBorg

It is Spring.

Actually, it is trying desperately to snow outside, but nonetheless, it is Spring and that means new growth, fresh starts and for me, a new blog!

This is my new blog for all things creative, innovative and related to education.  I think I will still keep my old blog for all things fun and interesting (not that things on this blog won’t be fun and interesting!) but I want a dedicated space for education related posts.

I aim to share from around the web, to post my own wonderings based on my reading, research and classroom practice and to hopefully inspire and be inspired.  If I link to your content and you would rather I did not, please let me know and I will remove any links.  I am endeavoring to illustrate my blog with my own photographs to avoid the need to ‘steal’ from a Google image search – hopefully this may also prove to provide fodder for my 365 project!

I look forward to sharing and learning with you.