Graphic Presentations and Genetically Modified Wheat

My husband is often spotting gems on YouTube and passing them on to me.  I usually fear he is merely placating me and nodding along as I talk about all these things but then surprises me by sharing a perfect example of the exact thing I have been talking about!  I have him to thank for the Day Made of Glass videos, as an example.

I also have him to thank for this example of a graphic presentation from Greenpeace.  It looks to me like it could have been done on Prezi or something similar (probably more sophisticated than that?) but I liked the pace, the graphics, the voice-over timed with the graphics and I especially appreciated the message!

Here is a blog post from the same organization on the same topic that would probably take the same amount of time to skim read as it would to watch the video.  The video grabs me.  I wrote to the Australian PM as one of her ‘neighbors’ urging her to step in and protect Australia’s food supply and stop GM wheat from being grown in Australia.  Would I have done that from just reading the blog post? Probably – but maybe not!

I would love to give half my class the video and half access to the blog post and then see which group was more passionate about GM wheat.

Definite possibilites for imitation of this product  in the classroom and countless opportunities to stimulate discussion from the content of this presentation.

Thanks, Greenpeace.

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