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I was mentioning yesterday about the cosomonaut – the stylus for the iPad/iPhone.  The same guys who made that, made the app Frameographer which is available on iTunes for $2.99.  It is a stop-motion making app that is a lot of fun to play with.  About ten minutes after downloading, I had made this:

In about 45 minutes, I had made this:

If there is a good sunset tonight, I am going to try out the time-lapse feature.

I like that it is a clean, easy way to experiment with stop motion. There is an ‘onion skin’ layer that you can turn off and on that allows you to see where the last shot was on screen as a faint shadow. I think with a little effort, you could come up with something pretty slick in a relatively short period of time. (And maybe without shots of your fingers at the tops of the frames holding the books!). If you give it a go, post a link to your creation below! Once you make a film, it is one click to save to your camera roll and one more to export to YouTube. Easy.

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