Why We Need Failure


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2 thoughts on “Why We Need Failure”

  1. And the synchronicity keeps on rollin’…
    I was just having a conversation about the focus on failure yesterday and tried to recall the details of an elite school who had had a focus on failure week… As I later re-discovered here:
    I remember, last year, having a session early on in the year where the whole class joined in on a joyful, hands-in-the-air cheer of “I made a mistake!”. There was one student who continued to bring that back periodically throughout the year, cheering her errors. I loved it.
    Thanks for the memory jog…

    1. I think you will like the ‘nearlings’ post. I love that, having had my kids for almost two years now (I followed them from fourth to fifth grade) I am really noticing that the ones who have been in both my classes are becoming so much more comfortable with not knowing and with giving things a go – as I keep telling them, the worst thing that can happen is that your idea doesn’t work – one step closer to the idea that does work! Thanks for the comment – I think we might just be making a difference, one failure at a time!

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