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Reason #4565 Why I Love the Khan Academy

I couldn’t have said it better myself!  This is what I want to keep on an index card to pass out to those people who either have never heard of the Khan Academy (seriously?) or who scoff at it’s relevance or purpose in our education system.  In fact, I just may whip a few up when I finish this post!  Leave a comment below if you want me to send you your own!

“This has absolutely nothing to do with replacing teachers. When we talk about getting lectures out of the room, that’s because we think we can move teachers up the value chain. That they are better off forming the bonds and connections. That’s what you need a human being to do and for a really great teacher to do. Khan Academy takes some of the more traditional stuff off the plate and now, all of a sudden, the classroom becomes a richer and more stimulating experience.” ~ Sal Khan

For more of Sal’s comments, click here.

2 thoughts on “Reason #4565 Why I Love the Khan Academy”

  1. I love when real change comes from outside the establishment… then it begets more change… then we collaborate & inspire each other… and come up with something new, something that fits us better.
    Of course I want a few of my own… perhaps in ‘post it’ fashion 🙂

    1. I love change – wherever it might come from. I know a big deal has been made about Sal ‘not being in education’ but the guy has been in school for years with an army of degrees – I think he qualifies. What I love is that rather than think, ‘oh, I’m in finance not education, he says, oh, I’m part of the human race, I can do this’ and he looks for a way to add to the greater good. To not use something like the Khan Academy is, in my opinion, to be negligent as an educator. Why would you look a gift horse in the mouth (as is the saying in my family)? What Sal has given us is priceless – the least I can do is make a few post-it type notes and distribute some Khan-love to the world. You get the first batch! x

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