Dear World…

Grade Five Video

Inspired by the beautiful work of ‘Dear World’, fifth grade students created a message to the world to encapsulate their PYP Exhibition journey, the culmination of their Elementary School experience and their progression into Middle School.  They are remarkable messages of hope, inspiration, courage and passion from a class of very remarkable students.

What would your message be to the world?

Leave your message in the comment box below:

2 thoughts on “Dear World…”

  1. Great messages for the world! Great photos. Such stunning people with amazing thoughts. May you continue to grow into them. It’s been fun sharing your journey this year.

    1. Thank you! I have to sit down and gather all my Exhibition thoughts together so that I don’t forget the million and one things that went right or that I want to change. This group of kids is remarkable. I know everyone says that about their class but these kids….remarkable! It has been great “working” with you again! Let’s keep doing that!

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