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Embrace Your Inner Trouble Maker

I am working on a project at the moment.  It is a website that details everything we did for our Passion Project – the PYP Exhibition at Riverstone International School.  It is a lot of work, but I hope will be a useful springboard not only for our school as we move forward in our understanding of the Exhibition and of embracing passion to power learning in all grades, all the time, but also for other schools who wish to do the same, only tweaked for their own community of learners.

I am pulling information from different places and coming to grips with a new blogging interface (www.wix.comSIDE NOTE: Such an awesome website creator – love it! 

It is a lot of work.  I was beginning to wonder if it was worth my time. After all, I am on vacation and we all know teachers are supposed to sit around and sit margaritas all summer, right? I heard a little ‘ping’ which signalled a welcome chance to stop work on my website and see who had posted what and what a treat was in store for me! Watch this video. If that doesn’t motivate you to keep trying, try something new, push the envelope of possibilities, nothing will. Sharing it here, now and adding it to my Passion Project website, with thanks to Samaritan Blog for her as ever, timely and uplifting post!

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