If It Is Good Enough For Snoop Dogg….I Mean, Snoop Lion…

Snoop Dogg has reached a ‘pivot’ in his career when he has decided it is time to re-brand himself and present a different side of the Dogg. Cue, SnoopLion. Seriously. Snoop Lion has grown up and wants to change his focus, present a different side of himself, respond to the changing needs of his fan base, and look to the future of Snoop-fans.

In short, Snoop Lion is pivoting:

Pivots are rooted in learning what works and what doesn’t, keeping “one foot in in the past” and “one foot in a new possible future.”

~Eric Ries, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur


What does pivoting mean for educators?

I think it means being open to saying no to things “because that is how we always have done it”. It doesn’t matter if has been agreed upon, is someone’s favorite thing, or is already established. The criteria for keeping “one foot in the past” should be a definitive “YES!” in answer to the question, “Is this best for our kids?”.

If no, step out into a new possible future. Boldly. Roaring. Like a (Snoop) lion! You could think of it as the difference between staying inside and going outside of what you know. What are you waiting for?

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