Thinking Through My Fingers

After I finished my last post, the quote above was on my homepage as an encouragement to reach my 90th post (this one!).

I like it.

I hadn’t thought of it quite like that before, but when I post on here, “thinking through my fingers” is exactly what I am doing.  I love those of you who ‘like’, tweet, comment or email as a way of letting me know how the post I just wrote has had an impact on you.  Really.  Love it! Even more though, I like getting my thoughts down, saving access to the links I have found, thinking through the latest thing I have just read and challenging my own position as a 21st century educator.

I have never been great at sticking with things.  Typically, I am excellent at starting things but my enthusiasm tapers and then a new project is born.  This forum for ‘thinking through my fingers’ has been a great source of encouragement for me and a great way to sift through the mountain of awesomeness that exists in education right now.

Perhaps it will work for you?  What do you have to say?