Success – What it really looks like.


I want to start by saying that I really like this quote. I think success can often be thought of as an individual pursuit and it is a good idea to think about it in terms of how others can be inspired by the things we do.

In thinking about success, I came across this video:

Loved it. A brilliantly simple reminder of how we all learn things differently. I showed it to my kids and then asked to them draw their own version of success and explain their drawing. Awesome. Do it with your class – it is great. Here are their responses:

4 thoughts on “Success – What it really looks like.”

  1. Brilliant and inspiring as always. The perfect starting point for a retreat I am facilitating this evening- thank you for sharing.

    1. How did it go? BTW, I have used my deck of cards from the Y a ton! They are great. And they remind me of Jim every time I pull them out which is awesome.

    1. So welcome! I am finding myself quite productive in the small hours after getting up to my daughter – you can thank her! I realize I haven’t posted the kids pictures and text. I think I will make it into a Voicethread and add it. How did it go with your third graders?

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