Sharing Your Story

We are preparing for Exhibition. After delving into personal and group inquiries  for eight weeks, students will be asked to share their story.

What does this mean?  Share Your Story

For some time, the “sharing” part of class work involves students standing up and reading us their PowerPoint, reading us their poster, reading their report. It might be more dynamic – the sharing of a movie, a podcast, a play. For Exhibition, I want more. I want to hear about the journey.

Here is a great movie that talks about just that – sharing your story to make history:

As I shared this with my students, I began to doodle some ideas as a ‘plan’ for putting together your story:


In a previous post, I talked about 16 Rules for Sharing Your Story, as inspired by Pixars 22 Rules for Storytelling. I created the following poster to highlight these ‘rules’.  You can download the PDF here.

16 Rules

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