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Choose To Be Passionate

I saw a post on a blog about being passionate, and it really resonated with me.  Check it out yourself, but in a nutshell it proposes the idea that instead of waiting to be filled with passion (putting you in the passive role), you actively pursue passion.  Approach your work, your “art” with great passion and enthusiasm and ‘bring it’ – you ARE passion.

I keep rolling this idea around in my head. There are lots of ways to think about this and I think the reason it resonates so loudly with me is because I have continually come up against (but not in a really negative way) students (or parents) who declare that they “don’t have a passion” or “aren’t passionate about anything” and those statements really put up road-blocks when you are embarking on a Passion Project!

For those embarking on Passion Projects, Genius Hour, or the PYP Exhibition, I say to you, keep pushing on! I believe that we all have in us the passion to live a fulfilling life and I think that starts with 1. Loving what you are doing. 2. Doing it wholeheartedly. 3. Helping others realize their passion too. So you might not know what you are passionate about but you can work with passion. I have been posting a lot about starting with questions built from concepts, but maybe some of our students just need to start by helping others who are already on track with their passion? Perhaps passion is born from inspiration, from the sharing of ideas, from seeing the fires other people have lit?

In my dream world, such projects look like this:

Be Inspired!


A never-ending process of giving and receiving inspiration from each other – the ‘other’ being those in the room, down the hall, in the school, in the community, or out in the connected, internet-world! Show up. Be passionate. Learn from each other. Repeat. Like love, passion shouldn’t be a chore, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t involve work.

If you haven’t seen this gem, take 2 minutes.  If the message doesn’t inspire you, the gorgeous lettering surely will!

Inspired to Inspire from Nathan Yoder on Vimeo.


And if you are still looking for inspiration to get you really passionate take a look at this blog post.  Pennies of Time is a blog dedicated to ‘teaching kids to serve’ and has a post highlighting other blogs with a similar message.  Mostly on the topic of random acts of kindness and ways to be giving, these are all very child focused ideas that could provide a springboard for inspiration and the development of passion. Click on the image below for more:

BloggersInspires Collage

5 thoughts on “Choose To Be Passionate”

  1. Very important post in times like these, Thank you!. To be passionate about a project or endeavor requires dedication and commitment, which I find sometimes challenged by the “blah” people around who feel it is simpler to follow the daily routine than to challenge themselves to achieve something better. Change is too much work … But if we do not show this to the younger generation, how can they be passionate themselves?

    1. Exactly! Change is work. Change is scary! But we can do hard things (which is what I keep saying to my students!). I think making the decision to do things with passion is inspiring in itself. And the more you do, the more you will connect with others which also leads to inspiration. It’s a great cycle to be ‘stuck’ in!

  2. Great article. I’ve seen this video by Nathan Yoder as well. Fantastic stuff!

    I work for Paid to Exist and was pleasantly surprised to stumble across this post and find a link to one of our articles!

    Inspiring post and awesome to see you doing such amazing things : )

    1. Thanks, Dustin! I am not sure how I came across Paid to Exist but I get frequent emails from Jonathan in my inbox and this one really resonated. Definitely a message worth repeating, sharing, repeating again! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. As someone who has struggled with apathy and, in my teens, depression, passion was a difficult subject for me. I waited for it to come – and it did – but in sputtering bursts, like a banged up old car engine trying to start. It never lasted long enough for it to be significant. What I didn’t realise then was that we need fuel…we need to throw ourselves wholeheartedly and vulnerably into the things we know have the potential for passion, and we need to stick to them. We can’t let fear be our advisor, as it does a very poor job. As you say yourself, finding other people on the same wavelength as us helps immeasurably! I beseech you, read this comic strip, it’s inspiring:

    I found your blog from the PaidToExist website. Those guys are on my wavelength, and you are too. Keep writing, I’ll keep following.

    With Sincerity,


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