Everybody knows someone younger than them, and they should be teaching them awesome stuff… might sound scary, but it’s true!” – Kid President

Kid President’s Open Letter To Babies On Their First Day On Earth is beautiful. It is what every kid (and adult) needs to listen to. It is a lot to take in and so Kid President kindly reminds us that we don’t have to remember it all at once and that we may need a Pep Talk later on to remind us to be awesome.

I am planning on showing this to my kids tomorrow. We have just started our PYP Exhibition and I want to fill them with that wonder that comes from kids. At the end of the video, Kid President throws down a challenge: “Do you make You Tube videos?”.  I am interested to see who in my class responds to this.  Hopefully someone or a group of someones will add their voice to this conversation.

What do you think kids need to know?

I just had a four minute text chat with a friend in China and I think kids need to know that…

  • you have to surround yourself with people who inspire you
  • you need to trust people enough to unload your frustrations
  • you need to respect those people enough to listen when they ask you to take a second look at your own actions
  • you should marry someone who brings you chocolate 🙂

What do you think kids need to know?

4 thoughts on “#thekidsneedtoknow”

  1. Okay – so The Kids President is just awesome. That dude is cool. Things like this sometimes make me want to go back into the classroom – so much great thinking you could do with kids after watching this. Love it. And then I started watching something else on youtube that it suggested after this one about Kids reactions to gay marriage. Also good. I’m going to start working on my list of things kids need to know.

    Have a great day lady! x Bron

    1. You do great things with your kids EVERY day. What a blessing you are to kids – for them to have such a passionate music teacher is a real gift. Truly! I can see a KP tribute song made up of lines submitted by the kids and, of course, dance breaks. Go! 🙂

  2. PYP is plain and simple child abuse and indoctrination, not so much about finding different ways to teach as you mention, but ways to find different morals to teach. Shame on you for supporting this kind of brainwashing of childrens world view. Your job as a teacher is to teach the 3R’s, but someone along the way ie Dewey convinced you that teaching your type of morality is the main objective of teachers ie. society change agents. Parents would be angry if they really understood what PYP was about, but PYp seems to hide their syllabus pretty well.

    1. I am surprised by your passion toward the PYP. I think that teaching and education is and should be evolving from the 3R’s to ‘change agents’ (to quote you). A model that focuses on inquiry, on asking great questions, on taking into account the perspectives of other people and cultures, and reminds kids and teachers of the need to be caring, knowledgeable, empathetic, and open-minded is something I am happy to be a part of.

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