Find the Others

A colleague at school today asked me how long I had been blogging.  Two years.

Two years.

Some of that has been prolific.  Some of that, stagnant.  All of it has been inspiring me as a teacher.  The more I made connections with others beyond my immediate proximity – those “others” out there with their like mindedness, passion, and curiosity, the more I was motivated to do more. My goal was never to build a massive following. My goals were:

  • to have a forum to think through ideas that would enhance and transform my teaching
  • to share best practice – or at least, share “my best” in the hopes of becoming better
  • to give back to a profession that had been so generous in helping me develop who I am as a teacher
  • to never shy away from saying what I think

Slowly, I have built a little following.  Seth Godin would say, I have gathered my tribe. I am motivated by the possibility of something better than what currently exists in education.   I don’t want to sit passively and wait for change.  I want to seek change. Kick it out from it’s dark corners and musty shelves and shine a light on it.

Over time, I have found others who share my philosophy, who challenge my thinking, who offer similar – yet diverse- perspectives. A new follower of my blog sent me the following link.  I have a new-found love for Graphic Novels so this appealed to me not only for its style but its message.  Take a second to click on the image below and read the whole story.  And then, find the others. Your soul will thank you for it.

Find the Others

2 thoughts on “Find the Others”

  1. Been sharing your blogs all over the place this morning. Keep it up missy. You rock!! (Teacher appreciation week – but I appreciate you every week.) Thanks for all you do! =)k

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