Instructions For A Bad Day

School, for many teachers, is either starting for the new year, about to start, or already in full swing.  Quite like no other profession, teachers are paired with a room full of tiny humans and set about their day together on what can be exhilarating, all-consuming, rewarding, heart-breaking, exhausting, and empowering – and that’s all before first recess!

One of my favorite bloggers posted the video below on her blog with the accompanying text.  I am reposting it here (and linking back to her blog which you should read because it is awesomely inspiring) because it is almost certain that in the coming school year, there will be a bad day.  Maybe for you.  A colleague.  A student.  And we all need to remember that we don’t need to let the bad days define who we are.

So, in the calm, assuring words of the video:

Be confident.

Be gracious.

Be diligent.

Be forthright.

Be honest.

Be lucid in your explanation.

Be sterling in your oppose.

Be accepting.

Be ready.

Be aware.

Be a mirror, reflecting yourself back.

Be forgiving.

Be persistent.

Be resolute.

Be considerate.

Be patient.

Be loud.

Be open.

Be calm.


4 thoughts on “Instructions For A Bad Day”

  1. Thanks Sonya for your words and reminders. Started back today. It is so fun to see your pics and how much you seem to be enjoying parenthood. Your reminders for teachers apply to many walks in life. Thank you. Love, jo( who is just about ready to jump ship for a retirement project of creativity outside of the classroom) :))

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    1. Jo! When you do jump ship, you will be so missed but I can’t wait to see the creative projects you get yourself involved in! I love that little peanut of ours – she is so sweet and brave and funny – and growing up so fast!!

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