Concept-Question Cards – UPDATED!

concept cards 1

When I was teaching in Yokohama, I made a set of PYP Key Concept cards.  One card for each concept.  On the back of the cards are questions divided into learning areas (language arts, music, art etc). The questions come from within the PYP Making It Happen guide.

These cards travelled with me from Japan to Boise and then to Germany where a new set was typed up and then shared. Except, as I created the new ones, I ended up inadvertently duplicating one of the sets of questions.  I have FINALLY gotten around to fixing this error and can now offer a free download of the revised Concept-Question cards!

Thank you for your patience in waiting for these!

PDF: Concept-Question Cardsconcept cards 2

5 thoughts on “Concept-Question Cards – UPDATED!”

  1. Hi Sonya, I just wanted to say “Thanks”. I found your blog about 6 months ago and have been thoroughly enjoying your posts – a mixture of strategies, powerful ideas and provocative thinking. Please keep it up! I will continue to read and recommend ….. Cheers,

    1. Thanks, Emma. I really enjoy it – and I think it helps me as much (if not more!) as it does others. It’s a great way for me to think about my own teaching and learning.

  2. Dear Sonya, this is a fantastic way to personalize and self-manage learning. While concepts are address differently in MYP, for they are done subject-wise, as a Language Acquisition teacher I can see the potential in the cards as I can get students to write further inquires on the concept we are working on.
    Thank you for the inspirations.

    1. Thanks. I have found them useful with faculty meetings – guiding teachers in crafting strong, conceptual questions to support student learning. Our Exhibition students also use them for the same purpose. My ideal would be to have a similar template where our own conceptual questions were placed to show the conceptual big ideas in our own school. Next step… 🙂

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