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3 Questions That Need Answering

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These three questions are from the latest Kid President video.  His video is a call to action, specifically for support of #socktober, but also just a general call for people everywhere to ask themselves:

1. What am I not ok with? 

2. What do I have? 

3. What can I do about it? 

With action being such an important part of the PYP, I couldn’t help but think how useful these questions are to help kids focus their thinking and ideas in order to take action.

Need an example?  Take the dolphins.

1. I am not ok with the slaughter of dolphins or the trapping and raising of dolphins and marine animals in captivity for the purpose of human entertainment.

2. What do I have?  Well, if I were Michael Beerens I would say that I have artistic talent and the ability and passion to create videos of my art. If I were Mirim Seo I would say that I also have the ability to tell a story through my art. Both artists also have the incredible power of the internet, a global platform from which to share their work.

3. What can I do about it?  I can make a video.  I can illustrate a book to get my point across.  And then I can share my work online:


Click here for her full story.

How could you use these questions to help your students in their quest to take action?

For additional resources on inspiring action in your students, check out Inspire My Kids – one of my favorite places on the web with inspirational stories about kids taking action. It has a wealth of resources and is the site you need to check out if you want to feel inspired by the young people of our planet.

7 thoughts on “3 Questions That Need Answering”

    1. It is easy when I have people like yourself, who are living this idea out daily and continually answering these questions, as my role models x

  1. I am one of those “lurkers” you talked about in your last post. 🙂 I do read and often find your thoughts helpful. I think this is a great way to help kids take action during a Unit of Inquiry. I am going to try it with my 2nd grade students! thanks! (for this one, and all the others I didn’t comment on!)

    1. Thanks! I am inspired by all that is “out there”. I am often a lurker too but I love it when I get the opportunity to engage with those who are also inspired by the possibilities that exist in education today.

  2. I have first time discoverer of your blog. I have already read through several of your blogs and enjoy your work. Thank you for making it easy gor me to understand. I myself am not a teacher but am homeschooling my son who has struggled to learn at school I have three children and my other two are thriving in the school system. I am new to teaching and my son is 13 who needed one on one instruction with alot of scaffolding so he is with me. Until I found your blog I was having a hard time implementing inquiry questions and knowing where to start, so I really want to thank you for making it so easy to understand and implement.

    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for your feedback. I love homeschooling and would be open to doing this with my own kids if/when the need arises. I would HIGHLY recommend reading Patrica Zaballos blog. Her work on writing is AMAZING. If you do a search on my blog you will likely find a lot of reference to her work. Her book “Workshops Work” is amazing. It is worth whatever she charges for it. She has been homeschooling for a while and she is just the best. Good luck in your homeschooling journey. You are an awesome parent for responding to the different needs of your kids in this way. They are really lucky to have you as their advocate and mom!

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