Three Things We Can Learn From Jon Stewart’s Departure

Jon Stewart announced he will be stepping down from The Daily Show – maybe in September, December, or July – or at some time in the imminent, yet distant, future.

As he announced this to his studio audience, he began to speak about why he loves what he does and who he works with, describing his colleagues in three words:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 21.42.45

Not smart, funny, witty, political…but creative, collaborative, and kind.

If you were looking for three words to live by, to be remembered by, to leave an impression on others, these might be pretty good ones to choose.

Thanks, Jon.  You will be missed!

View Jon’s full departure announcement, below:


2 thoughts on “Three Things We Can Learn From Jon Stewart’s Departure”

  1. I guess you wouldn’t be surprised if I said I have never heard of him – bet he hasn’t heard of me either.

    1. I am sure he has heard of you, Dad! 🙂 He is the presenter of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart which a late night show in the US that I am not sure even screens in NZ? If you do a search on YouTube you would find more about him. I like him a lot. He’s been doing the show for 17 years so it will be sad to see him go but as he said, “you, the audience, and this show, don’t deserve a restless host”. He’s a good guy.

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