Design Thinking: Innovation Lab

I love the concept of Design Thinking.

I was researching the topic of Understanding by Design and wanted to break it down: Understanding and Design.  In doing so, I came across a presentation about Design Thinking – the one thing that will transform the way you think.  With a byline like that, I had to dig deeper – and it was well worth my time from a design standpoint and a virtual feast of ideas.

Embedded in this presentation was a remarkable video.  The ideas that are put in place to solve a problem are great, the concept of how they went about ‘pressure cooking’ their ideas is fascinating, and the close proximity to their target market was inspired.
I can think of loads of scenarios in which I would share this video in schools.  The thing I like the most is that shows the connection between learning and technology. I love that they made an analogue “app” from paper that people moved depending on which part of the paper the tester pushed.  Their lab is a great example of how technology can transform learning – with the focus being less on ‘lets make an app’ and so much more on ‘lets solve a problem’. (And yes, it is not lost on me that needing to find the “perfect” sunglasses does not warrant the category “problem”).
How do you share the idea that technology can transform learning, with your colleagues?

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