ECIS Technology Conference Notes

This weekend I attended and presented at the ECIS Conference in Munich.  Here are some of my notes from the weekend.  A full write-up is on it’s way!  Follow these people on Twitter to keep up with their thinking on education and technology.

Keynote speaker Kim Cofino @mscofino
Connected Learning Through Blogging with Tricia Friedman @friedEnglish101 (1/2)
Connected Learning Through Blogging with Tricia Friedman @friedEnglish101 (2/2)
iBooks Author Reloaded with Martin Fritze and Tobias Schnitter
Engaging Students With Instant Feedback Tools for Formative Assessment with Fred Nevers @fred_nevers
iPads in the Play-Based Classroom with Jocelyn Sutherland @JKSuth

These are my notes from my presentation that I wrote when planning my own presentation.

Technology won’t revolutionize education – teachers will. @terSonya

10 thoughts on “ECIS Technology Conference Notes”

  1. Awesome notes. I want to work with you. I miss chatting with you about education! Bron

    1. Me too! I have a plan for us to work together again but it involves winning the lottery so I can start my own school AND an Opera Company for your talented husband! xx

  2. These are fantastic! Thank you for sharing. Not only have I just had a good overview of some presenters, I’ve also enjoyed the creative note taking. You inspire me 🙂

    1. It was a great conference. I want to expand my visual note taking library so I can articulate the essence and spirit of the presentation in addition to what they literally say. The last notes (Play and iPads) was a lot about finding that bridge between digital and analogue. Jocelyn did a great job of explaining how to build confidence in teachers who can’t see a fit for IT in their classrooms and really spent a long time with the Early Years teachers just understanding how their classrooms work and where she could bring IT in in a way that worked for them.

  3. Good morning. Fun stuff here. Sorry we did not get a chance to connect at BIS – perhaps we can do so here. Did you not take notes / make art related to my 5 start iPad session? Bronwyn says it is because you were texting her during my presentation. Hmmmm…

    She also says that you will reply to this within 10 minutes .. Tick tick tick….

  4. 27 minutes….I am slipping! It was a great weekend and I got to catch up with various fabulous people I have worked with in the past which was an added bonus. I didn’t take notes during your session but I have got your apps list as some notes which I will post when I finish playing with the notes to share with the teachers here. Bronwyn is a major distraction. I blame her entirely for the lack of notes. She did however tell me she was going to buy you one of those delicious freshly baked cookies today for your lunch…..

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