Imagine A School

Almost three years ago,Seth Godin wrote Stop Stealing Dreams.  This manifesto is a powerful piece of work that has the potential to change the way we think about and “do” education – if people will read it.  As Seth said of his work, “This isn’t a prescription. It’s not a manual. It’s a series of provocations, ones that might resonate and that I hope will provoke conversation.”  He goes on to add that, “None of this writing is worth the effort if the ideas are not shared” and urges his readers to most of all, “Go do something!” – anything, but settle.

This was my response:

If you are looking for further inspiration, check out any of the following:

Stop Stealing Dreams by Seth Godin

A New Culture of Learning by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown

Creating Innovators by Tony Wagner

Out of Our Minds and The Element by Sir Ken Robinson

Linchpin and Tribes by Seth Godin

Dancing about Architecture: A Little Book of Creativity by Phil Beadle

Seth Godin’s Blog

Simon Sinek’s Blog

So Few Of Me by Peter H. Reynolds

Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon

Samaritan Blog – A Case for Organized Compassion

What-if-Concepts Blog – Connecting causes and people who inspire to their best ideas.

Dallas Clayton’s Blog and Books

Inspire My Kids Website

At the recent ECIS Technology Conference, I asked attendees at my workshop, “What is one thing you could do to make school different?”.  Will you join us?  What is your one thing?  Click here to add your ideas.

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