Student Voice

When I was at the ADE Institute in July last year, we were asked to write down the big idea or theme that was most pressing for us in terms of what we wanted to focus our attention on in our school.  Mine was student voice. 

I think voice, choice, and agency are three things that students need more of in schools. I would even go so far to say that many problems faced by students and teachers, and even by parents, would be resolved should greater focus be given to these three factors.

Student voices are powerful.

Just take a look at these three high school students:


We are taught that it is better to be silent than to make them uncomfortable.


Student voices can also disrupt for good – and in the process, break world records.

How do you provide opportunities for your students to share their voice? How do you let them know that you would rather they use their voice – even if it makes you uncomfortable?

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