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Watch Me!

It is the phrase any parent will know in their sleep. But why isn’t it echoing in our hallways at school? Where is the demand to be seen? To show off what has been created? To share one’s creative endeavours?

The other day I (somewhat) jokingly said to a colleague that we should “Banksy” the heck out of our school walls. Art Activists. Spreading a message. I think I would start with “Watch me!” – the war cry of children who create.

This leads me back to having a Bias Toward Action. Think of your kids. How often are they taking action? And don’t confuse this with “working” or “being busy” but actually making, doing, creating, producing of their own accord? 

One of my Maker heros passed away last week. The phenomenal Amy Krouse Rosenthal. She was a maker. She was a creator. She was someone who looked at the same things as everybody else, but through “Amy colored” glasses. She was kind, lovely, generous, smart, and oh so creative. I miss her already. And I wish for more. I have more to say on Amy. But for now, in her honor, please think about having your kids make things. Challenge yourself to do away with worksheets and pre-cut shapes and cookie-cutter “art” projects. Let your kids MAKE things. Stop having them fill in checklists and tick boxes and conform to your timeframe and LET. THEM. MAKE.


3 thoughts on “Watch Me!”

  1. I SOOOO agree with this concept! What I run into is pushback from admins who don’t understand this concept. They like the cookie-cutter projects because they look “cute”. Also a great tribute to an amazing author! She will be dearly missed.

    1. I love cute but to me, “cute” is in the overuse of glue, the insistance of using the black crayon, the wobbly, jagged edges, and the beaming pride from eyes that see something special and beautiful and unique. Anything looks cute displayed well. I want to know more than cute. Honestly when I see 20 identical projects, I cry a little. Where is the fun in that?

  2. I love Amy K.R. and I’m so sad to hear that she passed this week. She’s been so strong all these years. Her latest work-That’s Me Loving You-is truly beautiful and an ode to her motherhood. She will always be inspiring. Thank you for sharing…

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