Parasite on the Planet

By @tersonya on Keynote with Apple Pencil

For semester two, our provocation in MYP Design, Grade 9, is “Parasite on the Planet”. We want to challenge our designers to use design to make less of an impact on the planet.

For my part, I am going to look at how we might repurpose, reuse, and generate new ideas for fashion related items. I am hopeful that there is enough scope to this provocation to make it engaging and meaningful for all learners.

For the most part, we will be driven by the concepts of sustainability, culture and fashion. Do we live in a disposable culture? How does one determine if something is fashionable? How can we develop a sustainable and fashionable culture?

Here is the overview I want to share with our kids:

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There is a lot of other material out there with regard to this topic that inspired this choice of unit:

Thanks, Mitch, for sharing this one!
Can fashion be a source for social change?

What might you add? Have you done a unit like this before? Any ideas are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Parasite on the Planet”

  1. Hey missy – LOVE that you are working on planet stuff! In October there is a group that organizes a challenge. Project Green Challenge. For the last two years Jordan has participated in the challenge. REALLY cool and GREAT prizes. This year she was in the top 20 kids out of almost 6000 that signed up. (There is a big prize trip at the end… she didn’t get selected… she sort of pooped out in the middle for a couple days and then pulled it together at the end. Oh well.)

    Anyways – one of the daily challenges as all about fashion. Cool info! Sending you the link to the page. Look here for the Fashion challenge. Within that there are a pile of different links

    Additionally, might be cool for your kids to participate next year? =)k

    And just for fun – J made a video on her facebook page for the final. Neat.

    Love getting these kids inspired. Love YOU!! Proud of you! Xo ____________________ Kim Liebich =) 5388 E Quartersawn Ct. Boise, ID 83716 208.484.1560 Go Otters!

    “Positive change through thoughtful giving” IWCF


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