Why I Quit Blogging – And Why I’m Back

The past year and a half has been intense for me. After 21 years of elementary teaching, I traded in PYP for MYP and became one of three Design teachers at my school. Just prior to this, I applied for the assistant principal (Primary) position. I didn’t get it. Just recently, I applied for the deputy principal (Primary) position. I didn’t get that either. I thought I was ready for another rejection. Turns out, not so much.

As much as I would love to be a solid subscriber to Seth Godin’s “pick yourself” philosophy, I lean more toward imposter syndrome. And I love a little external validation. So why quit blogging?

I started to waiver in why I was doing it. It takes time and for what? My primary reason was as a reflective tool – it always has been that for me. A chance to process my thinking and to reflect on my practice. Turns out, when you stop reflecting, your practice can stagnate too. I also began to question if I had anything worth sharing. Turns out, I do, and that engagement with the community I have worked hard to help build, is something I have grown to miss.

So what does this all mean? It means I am going to follow the same advice that I give my daughter: “Be Brave. Speak Up. Persist”. I can wear the shirt but I have to do what it says! The combination of International Women’s Day (IWD) and Elizabeth Warren stepping out of the race for Democratic nominee for president was a bitter pill. Women everywhere need to keep rising up, choosing to stand out, putting themselves out there. Even when it feels like it is all for nothing.

I have seen many people quote “Strong Women: May we know them, be them, raise them” in light of IWD and I want that to be more than a slogan in my house and in this blog. So I am back. Back to writing my thoughts, sharing my ideas, stating my beliefs. Even when they’re not perfect. Even when I am not picked. And especially when my daughter is watching.

It’s good to be back.

29 thoughts on “Why I Quit Blogging – And Why I’m Back”

  1. So happy to see you back! You have been an inspiration for me for years now and I have been exploring your work and learning so much! I am sending positive thoughts from Romania and can’t wait to read more posts from you!

    1. Alina, thank you so much. I really appreciate the boost! Are you at AISB by chance? Two friends are heading there and both had so many positive things to say about their interview experience and are excited for what lays ahead. Thanks for sharing in my journey!

    1. Me too! I have also been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack and took some of Eliza’s advice. I “put myself back in the narrative”. Thanks for hanging in there with me!

  2. Sometimes it’s good to take a break now and then. But I’m glad you’re back. Your posts have been helpful to me over the years and I am thankful that you take the time to share your thinking.

    1. Thank you – I appreciate that my ideas can be useful to others as well. It has been interesting to be on the consumption end of other people’s gracious sharing for a while. Happy to be back at it though – it’s where I feel most connected.

  3. Hi Sonya, So great to see you blogging again!! I have missed your reflective and engaging posts. For me it was a place to ‘go’ when I get lost, need some resources or to just learn more about what others are doing, how they are teaching, learning and growing. I agree, if we want our children, especially our daughters to be brave, we need to lead by example. Welcome back!!!

    1. Thank you, friend! It has been an interesting year and a half, for sure! I am sure you can relate. And yes, let’s raise brave children! Amen to that!

  4. Huzzah! Glad you’re back. I’d love a chance to kibbitz about design classes and MS some time.

    1. Likewise! I am seriously in awe of everything you do. I want to be a student in your class! I am wanting to wrap my head (still) around not making the Criteria the boss of the room! Would love to pick your brain further on this and how to connect students with authentic learning experiences.

  5. Hi Sonya,

    Thanks for being so candid and transparent about your teaching experience and ultimately your life experience as a teacher. So many times we see people assuming positions that don’t even suit them, other times we see people that have great knowledge being rejected for posts that we think would perfectly suit them, either way, any of these situations would be enough to send one on emotional turmoil and quite frankly fully ignite the am I good enough syndrome. As a believer that life will nudge you in the right direction, I can see how those job rejections was the universe saying:

    We need you strong woman, elsewhere — look!

    Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours in MYP.

    Kind regards,

    *Catarina Peterson| EY 4 Purple Class*

    Luanda International School

    Tel: +244 932 337 056 / 57 | Mobile: 933 639 833 |


    *Our Mission: A diverse community of learners, committed to fostering compassionate, confident and socially responsible individuals who thrive in the world.*

  6. I came across your blog through researching Teaching and Learning, I recently got a new post as Head of Teaching and Learning. You have some great stuff on here.. Keep up the good work…”Be Brave. Speak Up. Persist”.

    1. I have missed the Liebich Cheerleading Squad! Love your recent puppy posts with those huge humans of yours! Lovely silver lining amongst all this to have everyone home. x

  7. It’s great to have you back, Sonya! I read many of your Coetail posts when I was on my Coetail journey. I always admired your ability to be concise, yet informative. I’m looking forward to reading you again.

    1. I am looking forward to delving more into the world of MYP. So similar and yet so different. But such a challenging switch and I appreciate the opportunity to keep learning!

    1. Not going to lie – not always taken so positively in the first instances! I have learned that I give too much away when I put myself out there without having a plan B. I have never been much for plan B though!

  8. Welcome back! We have missed you and your reflective thoughts. I am looking forward to being able to read and reflect myself for my own practice and for all women (and girls).

    Thank you!

    1. Yes! I really am lucky to work with some amazing women who are smart and brave and strong and sharp. Our students deserve to see that diverse strength and leadership in all the women they work with.

  9. Love that you are back! I feel the same way about showing my daughter how to face the world each and every day.

    1. Absolutely! Super important. We had a really lovely conversation tonight and I couldn’t help but think how beautiful it was that she was able to articulate her disappointment about something so carefully. She got upset and I was quick to tell her that getting emotional about something was a sign she cared deeply about it and was a valid reaction. She is smart as a whip and just the love of my life. Super proud mamas!

  10. Hi Sonya, I am glad you are back too. This is my first year teaching PYP and I am about to facilitate Exhibition with my team. However I have always been an inquiry minded teacher and have dipped in and out of your writing for some time. I appreciate your vulnerability about the jobs you applied for and didn’t get. I have had similiar experiences and it is so hard to keep putting yourself out there. Lucky for us you are leading regardless of whether it is from the vantage point you long for. Who knows what is around the corner. Maybe I should take the leap and start my own vulnerable blog about starting out with the PYP. Clare

  11. Sonya this is so inspirational. I have been following your work with the PYP, the Exhibition in particular. After reading this post, it feels that rejection can be so real, but I am glad you decided to persevere and persist. More power to you! Kudos!

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