Exhibition, Design, Action!

My grade five learners are coming to the end of their self-chosen design projects. At the moment they are choosing how they want to reflect on their learning and what questions they want to be asked. I am adding a question to their list: How will this project inform your thinking for your work in […]

Action and Agency

I was going through my digital sketch book and came across two graphics on Agency that I created a few weeks ago. The first looks at the relationship between agency and action. The second asks you to look at how your decisions support agency in the PYP. Agency isn’t a new concept. It is linked […]

Inspiring Action

Action. It is one of the core components of the PYP and yet it is often something teachers seem to struggle with – inspiring action in their students and helping grow authentic action from inquiries. Thankfully, there are a lot of really great resources out there to help us in our quest to help kids […]

Design Thinking in Action

Scrolling through my Twitter feed I was drawn to the graphic below. Simple. Clean. Minimal. Colorful. It just looked like smart thinking to me in the 2 seconds that I glanced at it on my phone.  So I scrolled back and took a closer look. This is the work of  British designer Hayden Peek.  His idea is […]

Action Research

Action research: research that will help the practitioner. -Kurt Lewin When I first heard the term ‘Action Research’ I think I focused more on the ‘research’ and less on the ‘action’ and in doing so, was a little turned off at the thought of engaging in hours of reading through studies and adhering to protocols, […]

Speak To Inspire Action

One of the key things I think the Exhibition excels at, is conveying a sense of action.  Action is one of the main components in a PYP curriculum, yet often is something that is hard to assess, hard to pin down, and yet something we as teachers REALLY want to happen!  As part of our […]

The Hardest Pill to Swallow

Tonight I read a post by Taryn BondClegg about trusting her students. It is worth the read and I will imagine many (most?) of us will recognize elements of ourselves in her writing. I posted an almost knee-jerk reaction to her post in the form of this comment: I worry/am concerned by this issue and […]

Do You Know My Name?

Just before I went to our faculty meeting yesterday, I saw this graphic in my Twitter feed:   I went off to our meeting to find we were about to engage in a grade level protocol based on an Edutopia post titled “The Power of Being Seen”.  As a team, we were given a page […]