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3 Questions That Need Answering

These three questions are from the latest Kid President video.  His video is a call to action, specifically for support of #socktober, but also just a general call for people everywhere to ask themselves: 1. What am I not ok with?  2. What do I have?  3. What can I do about it?  With action… Continue reading 3 Questions That Need Answering


UPDATED: Related Concepts on Concept-Question Cards

The IB recently sent out this tweet which has sparked renewed interest in the Concept-Question cards that I first put together when working as the Grade 3-5 Coordinator and Grade 3 teacher at Yokohama International School in 2008. I have used them for teacher workshops, PYP Exhibition, parent workshops, and most planning meetings I go… Continue reading UPDATED: Related Concepts on Concept-Question Cards

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Don’t Say “Agency” Unless You Really Mean It

The IBO recently shared a graphic as part of it’s work in revamping the Primary Years Programme. To be clear: This is their communications graphic illustrating the new organizing structure; not the new programme model. Agency (Voice, Choice, and Ownership) feature heavily. As I looked at this and thought about each of these components of… Continue reading Don’t Say “Agency” Unless You Really Mean It