Above and Beyond – An Ode to the 4 C’s

I have a friend who always seems to be at the edge of what is cool and awesome.  She shared this video on her reading blog on the last day of school before the spring break which is why I missed it and didn’t see it until now. It is the work of one of my favorite author/illustrators, Peter H. Reynolds, in collaboration with the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.  It is one of those videos we should have playing all the time in our schools and classrooms and highlights the importance of collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity – the 4 C’s of a 21st Century education.

Here is the poster mentioned at the end of the film.  Download it here.


UPDATE! Powers Combined!

How fun is this?

I posted about Austin Kleon.

I posted about Kirby Fergusson.

I posted about Visual Representation of Verbal.

Now look at what I found…..TA DA!

A visual representation of Austin and Kirby via FueledByCoffee , artist Craighton Berman


Hello world!

Daffodils in Tokyo ~ Sonya terBorg

It is Spring.

Actually, it is trying desperately to snow outside, but nonetheless, it is Spring and that means new growth, fresh starts and for me, a new blog!

This is my new blog for all things creative, innovative and related to education.  I think I will still keep my old blog for all things fun and interesting (not that things on this blog won’t be fun and interesting!) but I want a dedicated space for education related posts.

I aim to share from around the web, to post my own wonderings based on my reading, research and classroom practice and to hopefully inspire and be inspired.  If I link to your content and you would rather I did not, please let me know and I will remove any links.  I am endeavoring to illustrate my blog with my own photographs to avoid the need to ‘steal’ from a Google image search – hopefully this may also prove to provide fodder for my 365 project!

I look forward to sharing and learning with you.