Imagine A School…

A remix of Seth Godin's "Stop Stealing Dreams"
By Sonya terBorg

This piece of work is based on Seth Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams.  This manifesto is a powerful piece of work that has the potential to change the way we think about and “do” education – if people will read it.  As Seth said of his work, “This isn’t a prescription. It’s not a manual. It’s a series of provocations, ones that might resonate and that I hope will provoke conversation.”  He goes on to add that, “None of this writing is worth the effort if the ideas are not shared” and urges his readers to most of all, “Go do something!” – anything, but settle.

Based on the premise that no matter how good it is for you, some people just won’t do it (which applies to reading Seth’s manifesto), inspired by the gorgeous books of Dallas Clayton, and encouraged, prodded and praised by the best cheerleader a teacher could ever ask for, in parent and friend, Patricia Northrop, this book was written.  It’s not perfect, nor is it ‘finished’ in that I want to play with the illustrations but the time for that is not now.  Now is the time to ship it.  To share it.  To get it “out there”.

Along the way, numerous people have asked me, “Who is your target audience?” My audience is you!  The person holding this book or scanning this page.  As you read this you will be exposing yourself to some of the powerful ideas from Seth’s manifesto and your world will be forever changed – so much so, that you will want to share this and in doing so, share the message we all need to act on: MAKE SCHOOL DIFFERENT.

Click to download the PDF Free version of Imagine A School

Then share it with all your friends!

Click here to access the bibliography and additional readings that inspired this book.

22 thoughts on “Imagine A School…”

    1. Thanks Anna! It’s all a squashed up conglomeration based on all the fab people I have been so lucky to work with – yourself included! Now venturing into the publishing journey, for real! Fingers crossed! x

  1. “I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.”
    ― R.J. Palacio, Wonder

    Standing & applauding … Hope you can feel it 🙂
    Hooray, you!

    1. I think I may just hang that book around my neck so that I may quote from it at my leisure, it is just that fabulous – not unlike yourself actually! Thanks for the applause – love it! x

    1. Hi Garth, I just tried the link and it worked. I just emailed a copy to you – let me know if you don’t get it! Thanks for stopping by. Sonya

  2. Hi Sonya – just happened upon your book ‘Imagine A School . . .’ – it shares so many bold sentiments that highlight much of what we are striving for in the PYP. I plan to use your book as a prompt for the MtPYPH workshop that I am facilitating later this month. Ellen

    1. Thanks, Ellen! I appreciate that. It was almost six years ago I think that I wrote that! Seth Godin’s work continues to be a huge inspiration to me. I hope it resonates with your workshop participants! Kindly, Sonya

  3. I’m Kathy Wang, and currently working at an international school in Beijing China.
    I access your website by chance and like what you share with us. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Sonia, love following your journey! I am a grade one teacher and I am working on how best can/should and could learners document their learning journey. I want to help them to set themselves goals and be reflective as to where they are and where they are heading. Wondering if I could connect with the ATL skills? I am thinking out loud here as to how to navigate that as in could they pick a few of them and then set themselves some goals. Have you seen this done or have any ideas on how I could work with them? Thanks always good to think out loud! Thanks!

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