I Now Have An Opinion About Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift.  I know who she is.  I probably hum or sing along to her songs, possibly without knowing that they are hers.  One of our music teachers showed me a Flash Mob this morning of her song “Shake It Off”.  None of these things are remarkable and up until about six minutes ago, I had no opinion one way or the other if you had asked me, “What do you think of Taylor Swift?”

But that was six minutes ago.

Now, six minutes later, in response to your question, I would describe Taylor as smart, educated, a quick-thinker, articulate, thoughtful, honest, and an empowering, encouraging role model to young girls and women, globally.

Here’s why: Watch what she says in response to Emma Watson’s passionate UN speech:

Share this with the human beings you know who care about human beings.

Use your words to lift others up.