Everybody knows someone younger than them, and they should be teaching them awesome stuff… might sound scary, but it’s true!” – Kid President

Kid President’s Open Letter To Babies On Their First Day On Earth is beautiful. It is what every kid (and adult) needs to listen to. It is a lot to take in and so Kid President kindly reminds us that we don’t have to remember it all at once and that we may need a Pep Talk later on to remind us to be awesome.

I am planning on showing this to my kids tomorrow. We have just started our PYP Exhibition and I want to fill them with that wonder that comes from kids. At the end of the video, Kid President throws down a challenge: “Do you make You Tube videos?”.  I am interested to see who in my class responds to this.  Hopefully someone or a group of someones will add their voice to this conversation.

What do you think kids need to know?

I just had a four minute text chat with a friend in China and I think kids need to know that…

  • you have to surround yourself with people who inspire you
  • you need to trust people enough to unload your frustrations
  • you need to respect those people enough to listen when they ask you to take a second look at your own actions
  • you should marry someone who brings you chocolate 🙂

What do you think kids need to know?